A Decentralized Registry
for storing
Digital Product Passports (DPPs)

"The ITAD Blockchain"

This site is reference implementing of the standard "Representing Physical Assets using Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)", being developed by the OBADA Foundation in conjunction with ISO TC/307 "Blockchain and Digital Ledger Technologies".
The reference implementation is a product of the OBADA DAO.
The OBADA Foundation and the OBADA DAO were formed by a coalition in the IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) Sector.

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This website demonstrates three components

  • The "Reference Design". View source code on Github.
    • A local application consisting of this simple website plus a small local database. The reference design provides a simple front end to demonstrate how an inventory system connects to the "Client Helper".
  • The Client Helper. View source code on Github.
    • A middleware application to be installed locally as a "bolt on" to an inventory system. The Client Helper syncs to the front end using a simple Restful API, reformatting the inventory data into cryptographic format which synchs to the Decentralized Registry using a gRPC interface.
  • The Decentralized Registry. View source code on Github (For Github access please contact techops@obada.io).
    • A local node of the Decentralized Registry (a W3C compliant DID registry using an enterprise DLT system, synchronizes and broadcasts all data changes with the other nodes in the decentralized network.